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    Common problems facing maintenance people

    Everyday maintenance personnel are facing great challenges.  They have to struggle with unplanned shutdown, excessive wear, repair works, high cost of machinery maintenance and numerous other issues.  At the same time the top management and the financial people are pushing for higher up-time and lower maintenance cost.

    If you are one of the maintenance members, you might recall having to work extra hours when the unplanned shutdown struck.  It brings so much headaches and the sad part is that no matter how hard you work, the incident keeps coming back.The cost incurred during unplanned shutdown can easily wipe out your entire yearly maintenance budget. Can you avoid this?

    Yes, you can.  It is time to work smart not hard.

    Range of Oil Maintenance Systems offered.

    Our products have been used by many industries for the past 60 years with great success.  Contact us today to discuss how we can help you improve reliability, lower operational cost and really take the burden out of your maintenance.

    CJCTM HDU Fine Filter

    • Dry oil with limited water content (accumulated over time)
    • Hydraulic, lube and gear oils – also Glycols or Ester based fluids
    • Retains particles and varnish
    • Water removal by absorption (free, emulsified and some dissolved water)
    • Reduce acidity level utilizing ion exchange inserts


    CJCTM PTU Filter Separator

    • Water contaminated oil and diesel
    • Hydraulic, lube and gear oils – up to ISO VG 150
    • Retains particles and varnish
    • Free water is removed by separation (coalescing)
    • Suitable for oil with good demulsibility  (not engine oil, Ester based fluids etc.)



    • Water contaminated oil – even with strong emulsions
    • Hydraulic, lube and gear oils – up to ISO VG 1000 (depending on Desorber type)
    • Removes both free, emulsified and dissolved water
    • Suitable for most oils even engine oil, paper machine oil etc.

    CJCTMDesorbers do not retain particles and varnish, thus a separate CJCTM HDU Fine Filter is recommended.

    CJCTM Varnish Removal Unit

    • Dry oil with limited water content
    • Retains varnish very effectively
    • Suitable for systems with severe varnish production e.g. gas turbines

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